Hershey’s Rebrand

Hershey’s was once something kids threw in their backpacks before climbing trees with friends, or shared over a campfire with family. Alas, today’s kids have replaced the outdoors and imagination with screen-heavy, manufactured experience. As a consequence, this nostalgic connection with the Hershey's brand that many find endearing is slowly dying. Kids aren’t choosing Hershey’s, and it's because they aren’t being exposed to the Hershey tradition. 

To tackle this problem, we didn’t want to just expose them to a run-of-the-mill advertising campaign, as many tenets of such an approach- such as social media- are actually part of the problem. Instead, we wanted kids to connect to the brand in more haptic, non-digital ways that encouraged them to go outside and find adventure. 

Bar Redesign

While we wanted to get away from run-of-the-mill digital extensions with our rebrand, we also realized kids still want to have fun, even if not in video game form. So, we decided to use the bar itself as an interactive tool to engage kids, as well as set up scenarios where they can create lively memories, which would ideally be associated with Hershey's. 

The Hershey's Crew

While the idea of selling adventure and mischief-filled childhoods sounds great in theory, we quickly realized we needed to create some sort of entity that personified these ideals, which led us to create the Hershey's Crew. Based off a spectrum of cultural touchstones we felt really pushed this ideal (Everything from "The Sandlot" to Iggy Pop) but updated for a modern audience, the crew is the manifestation of what Hershey's new approach should be. 

The Hershey's Crew

The Hershey's Crew Creed

Put on the labeling of every bar, this is the philosophy which guides the Hershey's Crew throughout their adventures and also serves as a brand manifesto.


Although we tried to eschew digital as much as possible in our campaign, we also realized that many kids are watching insane amounts of Internet videos, so we made a spot to reach out to them. As many of our inspirations were based on famous films, we didn't feel a video would betray our thought that kids should embrace adventure. 

Further Adventuring

Make Your Own Hershey's Shooter

Trying to get kids to use their imagination by leading by example, both the outside label wrap and the aluminum foil will have fun stuff on their insides. Inside the wrapper will be a Hershey's Crew comic that introduces an invention that kids can make with simple household items and a modicum of adult supervision. Inside the aluminum foil are the specific directions. 

Adventure Kit

If one collects enough proof of purchases, they can mail them in (note: yes, actually- and exclusively- using the mail) for an adventure kit ideal for creating memories. 


CBM: Brittany Tyler

CS: Maggie McKenna

XD: Andy Holdeman

AD: Josh Stolz, Geoff Castillo

Nick Robertson