LAPD Recruitment

While the debate about law enforcement’s role has been an essential part of American discourse since the country’s inception, the tension between the police and the policed has never been more palpable or potentially devastating than it has recently. Between controversial methods to quell protest such as the 99 percent movement to the racial tension boiling over in Ferguson, MO, police officers are more often chastised for their (at times) questionable decision-making over the heroics needed to adeptly perform their duty.


To combat these feelings of ill will, we felt our recruitment campaign should do two things: evoke empathy and challenge. We wanted to give Joe Public a taste of the split-decision-making required by cops, in the hopes of making people appreciate that decisions under duress by definition can’t be as considered as those we get to contemplate. But we also wanted to challenge potential officers in the hope of by attracting a stronger, more aware candidate we may be able to eradicate some of these relational problems from society. 

Poster Campaign

Social Media

We felt social media was an ideal medium to further stress how difficult making highly pressurized decisions can be. Going into the realm of Vine gave us some room to be humorous, although it is that humor that makes the seriousness of the point more greatly resonate. 


AD: Rosalee Lewis

Nick Robertson