One Offs & Other Writings

Blog: "Pensive Laggard" ( Blog I have kept up for the last few years. Range from Photoshop-centric observations to think pieces about panic attacks. 

Greyhound: Tasked with revamping Greyhound, we suggested they introduce the Ameripass, a ticket similar to Europe's ideal-for-travelers Eurorail Pass, a card that let's one ride all the trains they want for a given time period for one price.   (AD: Elly Taura)

Brooks Brothers: As the current pope has made it a point to be a man of the people and stay out of the confines of the Vatican walls, now maybe the most likely time you can just accidentally run into him. You better dress nice just in case. (AD: Elly Taura)

Mill Valley Film Festival: To promote this smaller film festival, we decided it would be best to focus on the essential little guy as opposed to the glamorous star. (Acting: Me. Directors: Mike McGruire, Rob Stone, Katie Willis, and Me. Me Me Me.)

Criterion Collection: While there is much to love about the taste of Criterion, we wanted to stress how the company's love of specific films translates into exhaustively thorough DVD transfers. With all the added content, viewers can now have the fullest understanding when contemplating the vision of the filmmaker as well as the cultural impact of the film. In this instance, we were referring to the Robocop statue currently being erected in Detroit. (Plus, I decided a long time ago if I had the opportunity I'd put Robocop in my book somewhere).   (AD: Dave Spradlin)

Old Testament Coloring Book: Fenske made us all make a book that somehow mentioned a frog. Here was my cover.

Segway Marathon: Like most big projects, there was a lot of dense thought that went into how to approach Segway. Initially we were really focused on tying Segway to a cause such as the rights of the elderly (who currently use Segways as a more dignified wheelchair substitute). This really didn't get us anything we liked work-wise. So, then we toyed around with promoting women's rights (Segways make you literally lean forward, as progressive a motion as there is) and felt having a race where everyone has the exact same capacity to win made a powerful statement about equality. Plus, I think it'd be hysterical to see a Segway marathon slowly going through a city. (AD: Mo Lockard)

"The Weightlessness of Words" : I was part of a group that tried to come up with digital magazine based on music. Due to the divergent personalities and work ethics of the group, the project quickly became a mess of legendary proportions. But I did like this piece of writing. 

Nick Robertson