Spirit Airlines

We knew two things about Spirit Airlines when we were given the brief: they’re cheap and they have the sense of humor of a degenerate 3rd grader (Valentine Day flights for $69, anyone?). After some brief research we found out the other big thing about Spirit: the company is killing it and is growing at a rapid click. So, while making a bunch of low-brow jokes about pop culture fixtures like the Khardashians or Hilary Clinton had its appeal, we decided the sense of humor needed to elevate with the brand itself. By playing upon Spirit’s admitted cheapness, as well as the promise-you-the-world, overly-luxurious approach of other airlines, we came upon something we thought approached satire of the entire industry as a whole (something all 6’4’’ of me had been waiting to unleash for years now). 

Oh. And read the fine print.



Non-Traditional Executions

Digital Extension

The biggest selling point for Spirit is the brand's commitment to floor-low prices, but a consumer may forget this fact when tempted by the fluff promises of another airline. With this App, users gain miles by the amounts they save over our competitors ($1 = 1 mile), thus giving them a constant reminder of the hundreds they have saved in the past by forgoing a magazine written by an airline. The miles can be redeemed for some "prizes," although the intent is obviously for them to recoup for free flights.    


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Nick Robertson