Xenith Shoulderpads

Football is in an odd position right now- the very intensity that has made it America's new pastime is now making it the game many fear for medical concerns. We felt Xenith protective shoulder pads and helmets would be the ideal products to potentially reconcile these ostensibly diametrically opposed points. We did this by reaching this insight: with Xenith’s industry-best protection, you can go back to playing like an unforgiving beast or violence-crazed maniac- in other words, the bad guy. The goal with these ads is to make the opponent feel doomed. We felt this would be fitting as Xenith is currently third in market share, and thus has the opportunity to be more bold with their marketing. We wanted to keep the lines and design as raw, barbaric, and intense as possible to emphasize this point. 



Brand Essence Album: "The Drill"

A curated album that sets the tone for our campaign as there are few things that terrify the weak and motivate the strong quite as well as good ol' fashioned, keep-ya-in-the-teeth aggressive music. This would strictly only be released on vinyl and cassette as we wanted to reflect the physicality of the campaign, but a digital version is given here to give a sense of the tone. 


1. Helmet- “Unsung”

2. Swans- “Screen Shot”

3. Black Flag- “My War”

4. OFF!- “What’s Next?”

5. Death Grips- “WHAMMY”

6. We Are Wolves- “Fight & Kiss”

7. John Carpenter- “The Bank Robbery”

8. Queens of the Stone Age- “Sky is Fallin’”

9. The Sword- “Barael’s Blade”

10. F*cked Up- “Black Hats”

11. Jay Reatard- “Oh It’s Such a Shame”

12. Obits- “Widow of my Dreams”

13. Deltron 3030- “Memory Loss”

14. Danger Mouse- “Black”

15. Sparklehorse- “Pig”

16. Mastodon- “Quintessence”

17. Deafheaven- “Dream House”

18. Pallbearer- “The Ghost I Used to Be”

19. Hiergoglyphics- “Oakland Blackouts”

20. Megadeth- “Peace Sells”

21. Parquet Courts- “Sunbathing Animal”

22. GOAT- “Run to your Mama”

23. Death From Above 1979- “Little Girl”

24. Aphex Twin- “Windowlicker”

25. The Men- “Bataille”

26. Black Moth Super Rainbow- “I Think I’m Evil”

27. Tobacco- “Lamborghini Meltdown”

28. Black Mountain- “Tyrants”

29. GG Allin- “Don’t Talk To Me”

30. Iggy And The Stooges- “Search and Destroy”


AD: Dave Spradlin (www.davidpspradlin.com)

Nick Robertson